What is Wedding Buffet?

Buffet is a French word that means all you can consume. It is a popular self service dining system in parties, social events, restaurants and hotels.

The concept of an all-you-can-eat buffet arrangement is often origin from Swedish tradition of a smorgasbord, but the modern buffet has changed the concept and is a bit different than the Swedish tradition. A smorgasbord, which literally translates to “sandwich table,” was created to allow the guests to sample small portions of food. A smorgasbord starts with cold fish-based appetizers, then sandwiches, meat dishes and finally a dessert. However a modern buffet may display cold salads, hot meats and desserts at the same time, but the guests can have their own choice on food quantity, food type and food order.

Wedding buffet is set up during wedding ceremony where a fixed number of different hot and cold dishes are served on the reception table and the guests can freely serve those ready foods themselves by choosing what and how much they want. The cost is charged based on per head basis as ordered by the host and is pay by one lump sum.

Wedding buffet is more economic as it can serve big crowd with less labour and it is easy to handle and flexible. The big range of food variety also able to meets most guests requirements.

There is no menu for the guests to order food. The guest only can get what they can see. The guests need to queue in line to the wedding buffet reception table to pick up foods like starter, salads, bread, vegetable, meat, fish, chicken, drinks, fruit and dessert. The food need to be displayed in such a way for the guest convenience to get it. The food served must be fresh and keep in natural temperature.

All the food is prepared in bulk before the wedding buffet starts and is warmed up with gel chafing dish fuel canisters. The wait staffs need to replenish the food in dishes, refill beverages and remove plates during wedding buffet operation.

There is few type of wedding buffet. Hot or cold buffets require cutlery, plates and bowls. Finger buffet is a variety of foods that are made to be small and can be easily eaten by hand alone, such as mini burgers, cupcakes, sandwiches and so on. A candy buffet or sweets buffet allows you to eat or see or take a lot of confections made with syrup, sugar and so on, always mixed with nuts, raisin, yogurt, chocolate and fruit.

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