Wedding Candy Favors: Leave Your Guests With A Sweet Thank You Message

Wedding candy favorsAs is customary for children’s birthday parties today, guests leave with “favors.” In your wedding planning, have you included “wedding candy favors” as a line item? Wouldn’t it be fun if your guests went away with something sweet and maybe even something personalized from you? Wedding candy favors have become increasingly popular.

They are fun, customizable, sweet treats for your family and friends to take home after a lovely day spent celebrating your union.

Wedding candy favors range from very simple to very fancy. Some brides have simply handed out lollipops at the front end of the reception. It’s a small offering, but a little sugar high can get the reception started.

More customizable wedding candy favors are out there too. For example, you can personalize your own M&M’s these days with your picture and your words! Other companies offer such options: personalized mint tins, personalized candy bars with customized wrappers, chocolate kisses with a customized message on the bottom of each one, and more.

Also, a couple can choose the style, the wrapper, the size, and the theme promoted on the wedding favor candy. Most companies offer such service. Jordan almonds are known for personalizing their treats; or, you can even jump straight to the Valentine candy conversation hearts that are very inexpensive and yet romantic.

Wedding candy favors have become so popular that you can purchase them in bulk, or you can absolutely customize them to the very last detail. Companies realize that you may either be driven by price (which would lead you to purchase favors in bulk to save money) or that money is not so much the object of your concern as is the beauty and memory of the favor (which would lead you to purchase customized candy).

Either way, wedding candy favors can leave your guests feeling like they shared in the “treat” of the day with you. As in children’s birthday parties today, the guests bring a present for the birthday child, and they go home with favors.

Perhaps you would like to leave your guests with a small present representing your thankfulness that they chose to support you and celebrate with you on your special wedding day.

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