Wedding Buffet Ideas: How to set up wedding buffet table?


Decoration and food presentation of the wedding buffet table is important as it can let the guests feel festive and happy. The layout of the wedding buffet table should aim at ease the guest flow from one end of table to another end of table without the need to u-turn back within the line. Instructions: […]

Wedding Buffet Ideas: How to set up Wedding Buffet?


Normally wedding buffet is launched during lunch or dinner time, so it is important to include great choice of foods so that your guests able to enjoy their favorite foods, else they might leave the reception early to go eat at other place. Step 1 Study on the wedding buffet menu, choose what type of […]

Wedding Buffet Ideas : Venue Types

Wedding Buffet-Ideas-Venue-Types

Below are some ideas for wedding buffet venue types: 1) Restaurants & pubs: Since all the cooking facilities are already there, restaurants & pubs might be a good choice if your guests size are not big. You can save transportation cost and the rental for the tables, chairs, table clothes, entertainment stuffs and so on. […]

Wedding Buffet Ideas : Choosing the venue


Choosing a wedding buffet venue is quite similar to choosing a wedding venue. Below are some important factors to be study on: 1) The space required You need to think whether your wedding is an intimate cozy type that only invite your family members and best friends or a grand one type that invite hundreds […]

Surprise Your Guests With Wedding Food Ideas Different From The Expected

Wedding food ideas

Weddings are such special events, and they are great opportunities to make memories and recall memories. We make memories that day, and often we revisit memories of the childhoods of the couple that eventually led them to cross paths and fall in love. The romance is palpable. Do wedding food ideas seem to fall in […]

You Can Take Control Of Wedding Cake Prices By Making Choices

Wedding cake prices

Labor controls wedding cake prices more so than the cost of the ingredients. So, if labor is such an important part of the wedding cake, then who actually makes your wedding cake matters quite a bit, doesn’t it? Creating a cake to suit your taste, your style, your expected number of guests, and your expectations […]

A Wedding Buffet May Be Just The Right Choice For Your Special Day

Wedding buffet

Benefits of offering a wedding buffet can be cost-related and also people-related. A wedding buffet, by its design, encourages people to get up from their tables and to mix and mingle with others, and it is often less expensive than a sit-down meal. Consider serving cocktail sausages in barbeque sauce, cocktail meatballs, chicken drumsticks, bite […]

Wedding Appetizers: To Make Or To Have Made, That Is The Question

Wedding appetizers

Are you considering wedding appetizers as true appetizers to a later-served meal? Or are you considering wedding appetizers as an actual meal for your reception? These days, either and many options in between are all acceptable. You are the couple making the decisions that match your budget, your wishes, and your style. So, you are […]

Yes! You Can Make Your Own Wedding Cake!

Make your own wedding cake

Would you like to make your own wedding cake because you love to bake? Would you like to make your own wedding cake because it is more economical? Would you like to make your own wedding cake because you are talented in this area? Well, fabulous! You absolutely can, and it will probably even taste […]

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