Wedding Buffet Ideas : Venue Types

Below are some ideas for wedding buffet venue types:

1) Restaurants & pubs:

Since all the cooking facilities are already there, restaurants & pubs might be a good choice if your guests size are not big. You can save transportation cost and the rental for the tables, chairs, table clothes, entertainment stuffs and so on. Some restaurants & pubs might offer you free drinks or cakes bundle with the packages.

2) Hotel:

Hotel is suitable for elegant wedding buffet style. The hall is flexible to serve big crowd. There are many types of hotels, some with ancient design, some with modern luxurious design, some with oriental design and other specific theme interior design. Check with the hotels whether they offer you special discount or even free accommodation based on the packages that you going to sign up with them.

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3) Sports or golf club:

If you like green and fresh air view, you can consider to hold your wedding buffet at the golf club. If you like peaceful feel and windy waterside view, you can consider rent the place at the sailing club. Normally they do provide catering but make sure they can fulfill your wedding buffet menu in term of the quality, volume and choice.

4) Historic building:

Country houses, museum, castles, mansions and other cultural heritage are the nice places that can give your big day a unique atmosphere of the ancient era that most people are dream of. But these locations might have some limitations, e.g. smaller space, restricted rules for entertainment and remote location. If you think the pros are outweigh the cons, then you can consider them.

5) Marquee:

Marquee required big outdoor space and much time to set up. You need to know the surface of the tent will be located, be it concrete, wood deck or grass. The size and type of the tent will be based on the guests quantity and event layout and garden size. The power source installation, additional small tents for caterer, fitting of lighting, fan or heater or air-conditioner will add up to your costs. The advantages are marquee has many different shapes and sizes, the size can be easily changed at last minute to cater different volume of guests and the design can be customized. The guests can dance until dawn as there is no restriction as those found in hotels and restaurants. It can be set at any place you want as long as the land is big enough. The disadvantage is the costs might be high and also need times to install and dismantle the tent.

6) Gallery or Art Centre:

If you like drawings or art skills, you can host your wedding buffet at the gallery or art centre. It is more suitable if most of your guests are highly educated people where they can discuss and enjoy the graceful environment during the wedding buffet. Just be careful so that there is no artwork damaged during the event.

7) Theme parks:

Theme parks are good for bring back the childhood memory and will give your guests an unforgettable party. You save time on theme decoration as everything that are hardly to get elsewhere are already there.

8 ) Beach:

Holding wedding buffet at beach allow the guests to enjoy the beauty of the sea side and white sand. This gives your guests relax feeling and pleasant mind during the ceremony. But you may need to check if the weather will be good on your big day, at least no storm is going to attack that area.

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9) Halls or Convention centres:

Conventions centres and schools halls might not have good control over privacy issues. But they might give reasonable prices on the rental if you need to invite big crowd to your wedding buffet.

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