Wedding Buffet Ideas: Using flowers for buffet table decorations

There are many items that can be used to decorate the wedding buffet table, however flowers are the most popular choice.

Flowers are beautiful in nature and they are great for creating elegant centrepieces for wedding buffet table decoration. Get attractive containers, bowls, vases or tea pot that can suit your wedding theme and flowers to hold the flowers. For big centrepiece, use a large container or divide it into smaller units and group them together. Arrange boxes with varied height under the cloth to support the centrepiece for better visual effect. The containers, bowls, vases can be of different colours and unique design, not necessary be transparent and same design.

You must clearly plan and understand what your wedding theme is before deciding the colours, quantity and types of the flowers. Different wedding themes e.g. vintage, sports, Spring, beach theme will have different requirements.

You can make use of the bridesmaids’ bouquets and bridal bouquet as part of the wedding buffet table centrepieces to save costs.

Stick flowers to surround the base of a pillar candle, so that it looks like a mini wreath, put few of these pillar candles on the wedding buffet table.

You can use a basket to keep the fresh flower. Add in fruits and plants to show the greenery. If you want more eco friendly environment, you can grow grass in clear mason jars, tie them with ribbon and put them next to the basket.

You can get some garlands and spread them through the wedding buffet table. The flowers can be suspended under the ceiling or hanged around the buffet table edge.

Float large blooms with tea light in a shallow bowl with water. To make the blooms float freely, make sure you cut the stems short.

Instead of using fresh flowers, you can use the artificial flowers. Most high quality artificial flowers looks so real that people almost cannot distinguish them with the real one.

Get few mugs and fill in small bouquet of flowers, then present them on a plate or mirror.

You can use one decoration method called colour gradation where a row of different flowers are presented in different tones of colour, starting from the palest and to the darkest colour depth. This will create an elegant and interesting colour shift design for the wedding buffet table and long guest table.

Too many colours and no idea on how to arrange the flowers? You can mix and pair the flowers of major theme colours with pure white flowers systematically to have a tidy visual effect.

Buy Flowers ONlineYou can put flowers tied with ribbons and appreciation tags on the wedding buffet guest table that can be taken home as memorable gifts by the guests.

Be carefully when planning the type of flowers, as it will be more expensive to purchase off-season flowers or exotic blooms that might need to be imported from overseas. So to save the cost, you should choose flowers that are in season and available at your home area for your wedding buffet.

Different seasons will produce different flowers. In Spring, common flowers are hyacinths, sweet pea, dogwood, narcissi, cherry blossom, tulip glasses, daffodil and hyacinth. In Summer, popular choices are zinnia, snapdragon, dahlia, gladiolus, daisy and purple. In Autumn, it is easy to get hydrangea, chrysanthemum and sunflowers. In Winter, common options for flowers are roses, Winter Amaryllis, poinsettia and evergreen.

Choose and order the flowers early and prepare for additional flower sources as backup if something wrong happen unexpectedly and no enough flowers are delivered.

Short of budget on buying flowers? You can choose carnations that are cheap and have bigger size that you only need fewer of them to fill the containers.

If you can’t afford enough flowers, try to spread rose petals over the wedding buffet table as the cost will be lower and rose flowers symbolize love and romance besides being nice decorative items. Fresh rose petals can last for 3 days if keep refrigerated well.

Please take note that if you are getting married around Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, you will most likely have to purchase more expensive flowers than normal days.

If you really don’t have any idea, any experience on flower arranging for your wedding buffet table decoration, it is recommended to hand this task to professional wedding planner but if you still want to do it yourself, considering reading books or taking flower decoration training class.

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