Surprise Your Guests With Wedding Food Ideas Different From The Expected

Wedding food ideasWeddings are such special events, and they are great opportunities to make memories and recall memories. We make memories that day, and often we revisit memories of the childhoods of the couple that eventually led them to cross paths and fall in love.

The romance is palpable. Do wedding food ideas seem to fall in the romantic category? Some think wedding food ideas can actually create new memories and recall old ones.

One caterer encourages the bride and groom to consider their favorite foods from their childhood and then turn them into adult treats to share with their guests. Or, he might even encourage them to simply serve tater tots “as is” if that makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside. Tater tots in the school lunch lines are fond memories for many.

Even mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are not out of the question. If you want to go with playful wedding food ideas, you really could have a great time planning the menu and you will probably leave the guests talking about the fun food and the great time that they had. Such a style of wedding food could really lighten the atmosphere and keep anyone from feeling “stuffy.”

If, however, this playful childhood memory idea does not match your vision of what you thought “your special day” would be like, you have endless options really. This is your day, and the wedding food ideas that you and those involved come up with can reflect your style.

Do you want a buffet of finger foods? Do you want a formal sit down meal? Do you want a traditional white wedding cake, a fondant frosting uniquely customized cake, or cupcakes to be served? Some brides today are even leaning away from cake as the main dessert and enjoy chocolate fountains with all kinds of dipping treats.

If you are creating your perfect day and also working with a tight budget for wedding food ideas, it is no secret that a pasta theme is one of the most inexpensive ways to delight your guests. A few choices of noodles, a few choices of sauces, salads, breadsticks and garlic bread, and add on a few other items if your budget allows. Italian food is hearty and satisfies; it is comfort food, really. So, your guests will enjoy!

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