Event management mistakes that you should avoid in setting up candy wedding buffet

Candy wedding buffet involve some event management skills. It can be a simple task for general wedding planner, but if you would like to do a DIY candy wedding buffet to save the costs, try to avoid some mistakes as below:

Mistake 1 – Do everything yourself alone during the candy wedding buffet event. As such, you won’t have time to greet the guests and refill the candies and take care of cleanliness and you might not be able to enjoy and have fun for your big events. Arrange some of your friends and family to give you big hands instead, you only need to manage and supervise them.

 Mistake 2 – The candy buffet has not yet start and the emcee is giving some speech but some guests already start to eat the candies instead of listening to the speech. To avoid this, you can put a sign on the table or hanging in front of the table to remind the guests to be patient and wait until the announcement for the start of candy buffet.

 Mistake 3 – “Where is the tablecloth?” “I can’t find the scoops?” “Oh, no, the jars are cracked!” “I remember I have enough risers, why now they are become less…..” “I put wrong candies in wrong jars……waste my time….” “Oh, my God! I haven’t done all the signs yet….” These are common mistakes that you can forget where you put the items and how you want to set up your wedding candy buffet theme. You should do a rehearsal on setting up the wedding candy buffet one week in advance of the formal candy reception. In case something goes wrong and you need to modify the layout, add in something or replace something or buy more candies, you still have time to carry out them. Remember to take down a photo or draw a diagram or record down a movie for the final decision on the candy buffet decoration. Write down a list of all the items going to be used. Store and group the items in a safe location that can be easily retrieved back during your big day.

Mistake 4 – All drinks are very sweet too. Bear in mind that the guests are eating candies that are already sweet, they will need to drink something that can neutralize the taste after a big enjoyable bite. You should prepare drinks that are not too sweet or give alternative for plain water, or at least put some minerals water bottles on the wedding candy buffet tables. Unless your intention of putting sweet drinks is to prevent the guests to eat much candies, then it might be fine, just a bit unfriendly.

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