Candy Wedding Buffet Container

candy wedding buffet containerYou can buy new containers or jars. You can buy second containers from other brides.

You can borrow from friends

You can put glass upside down inside the bigger containers so that you can fill it with less candy.

Make sure the mouth of the container is big enough for the scoops to go through.

If you can’t find jars with different height, it is still ok, you can use raiser with different height covered with clothes and put under jars to create the wave effect.

During the containers selection, try to plan which scoop and candies will be used with it. Make sure the scoop can easily move in and move out from the containers. Most of the times, you may need open wide mouth containers.

You may stick the label directly to the container or to a ribbon band that wrap up the container. You can design the label uniquely yourself and print it out or directly hand draw it. Otherwise you may download a template from the website and print with a more professional look.

You can find the jars/glasses from local discount shop or online store.

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