A Wedding Buffet May Be Just The Right Choice For Your Special Day

Wedding buffetBenefits of offering a wedding buffet can be cost-related and also people-related. A wedding buffet, by its design, encourages people to get up from their tables and to mix and mingle with others, and it is often less expensive than a sit-down meal.

Consider serving cocktail sausages in barbeque sauce, cocktail meatballs, chicken drumsticks, bite sizes of varied pizzas, kabobs, salad, a ham and a prime rib to be sliced as a guest requests, a variety of rolls, veggies and dip.

And, do you want to serve wedding cake to your guests? Or would you maybe like to offer a dessert buffet? The dessert buffet could include small bites of cakes, strawberries already dipped in white or dark chocolate, bites of tiramisu, fresh fruit kabobs and real whipped cream.

To help guide your thoughts and your decisions, you could choose a theme for a wedding buffet. Perhaps go all Mexican, or all Italian, or tapas style, or seafood themed, or all Chinese. Ask yourself what is your favorite type of food for starters. And then maybe have a few other options that don’t necessarily fit the theme in case some of your guests really don’t like your favorites.

Are you inviting children to your wedding? If yes, consider a separate children’s buffet. Or at least have kid-friendly options available. Kids like things simple. They like bite size choices, and things to dip and dunk. So, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cheese cubes, fruit kabobs, and maybe slices of deli meats and crackers to resemble “Lunchables” would be nice.

If you hire someone to cater your buffet, the following will not be an issue. But if you are providing the buffet, consider having different heights on your buffet table rather than a flat surface. This little detail adds elegance and convenience) to a homemade type buffet. Other decorative ideas for the buffets table are floating candles, mini white lights (found during the Christmas season), and mirror tiles.

One last area to consider if you are preparing the buffet yourself rather than hiring a caterer is the order in which you place what you are offering your guests. Plates obviously need to come first, then a standard recommended sequence follows: salads, veggies, meats, and then desserts, and cutlery and napkins at the end.

It will be a lovely reception, and fun will be had by all!

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