Wedding buffet ideas: Candles presentation for buffet table


 Candle decoration without using water for buffet table: Use candle holders with different height or even different width to give more attractive visual treat on your wedding buffet. You can make use of riser covered with clothes. Candles can be placed in between platters and mirrors can be used to reflect the candle light. You […]

Wedding Buffet Ideas: Using candles for buffet table decorations


Why use candles for wedding buffet table decorations: Candles present romance, peace and intimacy to most events, besides it is inexpensive, flexible and easy to acquire. With the help of candle decorations, wedding buffet table will have nice ambiance. Candles always create an elegant glow around any centrepiece, they even can be centrepiece themselves.   […]

Wedding Buffet Ideas: Using balloons for buffet table decorations


Balloon decoration is one kind of flexible and economic way to decorate the wedding buffet table for elegant and festival feel. You can fill the balloon with helium and tie their mouth to a heavy item and let them float over the wedding buffet table or guest table.  If you don’t have the helium tank, […]

A001 Wedding Buffet Menu Chicken Marsala, Piccatta, Beef Stroganoff, Lasagna, Pot Stickers, Italian Cuisine


HORS D’OEUVRES CHOICES Tomato Bruschetta Swedish or Marinara Meatballs Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Fruit Display Vegetable Crudité Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms Pot Stickers SALAD CHOICES Tossed Salad Caesar Salad Spinach Salad A Collection Of Recipes Celebrating Cozy Meals From Days Gone By, Please Click Here! ENTREES CHOICES Chicken Marsala Chicken Piccatta Italian Roasted Chicken Pepper Steak […]

B001 Wedding Buffet Menu Ham, Beef, Pork, Drumsticks, Pie, Quiches, Mexican Rice Salad


Platters of Honey Roast Ham Platters of Roast Beef served with English Mustard Platters of Roast Pork with apple sauce Dressed Tuna Mayonnaise OR Platter of Egg Mayonnaise. Plain or Marinated Chicken Drumsticks (Chinese spiced, chilli & garlic or tandoori) Fresh Gala Pork Pie Discover The ‘secrets’ High-energy People Use To Create Mouth-watering Meals And […]

DIY Wedding Buffet


Wedding costs a lot of money. But there are some ways to cut down the costs, DIY wedding buffet is one of them. DIY wedding buffet is suitable for small and casual wedding. It incurs a lot of workloads on food preparation, services and cleanup, so you need to have a group of volunteers to […]

Wedding Buffet Ideas: How to set up wedding buffet table?


Decoration and food presentation of the wedding buffet table is important as it can let the guests feel festive and happy. The layout of the wedding buffet table should aim at ease the guest flow from one end of table to another end of table without the need to u-turn back within the line. Instructions: […]

Wedding Buffet Ideas: How to set up Wedding Buffet?


Normally wedding buffet is launched during lunch or dinner time, so it is important to include great choice of foods so that your guests able to enjoy their favorite foods, else they might leave the reception early to go eat at other place. Step 1 Study on the wedding buffet menu, choose what type of […]

Wedding Buffet Ideas : Venue Types

Wedding Buffet-Ideas-Venue-Types

Below are some ideas for wedding buffet venue types: 1) Restaurants & pubs: Since all the cooking facilities are already there, restaurants & pubs might be a good choice if your guests size are not big. You can save transportation cost and the rental for the tables, chairs, table clothes, entertainment stuffs and so on. […]

Wedding Buffet Ideas : Choosing the venue


Choosing a wedding buffet venue is quite similar to choosing a wedding venue. Below are some important factors to be study on: 1) The space required You need to think whether your wedding is an intimate cozy type that only invite your family members and best friends or a grand one type that invite hundreds […]

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